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I started trackdays at Castle Combe racetrack back in 2005 as a result of some goading after I posted an email on the webgroup enquiring about ranting round a track. Someone said “Go and organize it then”. I did. And in 2005 we had 60 928s hammering around the circuit. A joy to behold.


Since then the group has morphed into a collection of well over 300 names with cars ranging from Caterhams, closed race cars, Minis, up to Ferraris, Aston Martins and very expensive Porsches. In short just about every variety of car you can think of.


It works well because new enthusiasts are invited by others in the group making it effectively closed and this way we avoid the idiots in cars they do not care about. This makes for a very relaxed and safe day where people in expensive and precious machinery can drive as fast as they like in the knowledge they will not be punted off by a badly driven wreck. 

Track days are sadly missing from our repertoire due to the situation with COVID-19 but we will be back.


For all information on our track days please feel free to contact us.


All watermarked photos are courtesy of Gaisford Photographic and are available for purchase at or by calling 07778 389 257

All other images are freely available for download or replication without consent required. 

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