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Headers are a good way of improving gas flow from, especially a V8 engine which has firing pulses from adjacent cylinders interfering with each other. The most effective headers have equal length primaries, all of a tuned length - a good example is the GT40 system. The problem is trying to fit such a system in the 928 engine bay which is compact at the best of times.

Various people have produced 928 headers with 19" primaries which extend under the bellhousing. This then requires a custom section behind and usually involves a complete custom exhaust system which is very expensive and crucially requires removing the headers to get at the clutch or flexplate. 

Consequently I set about making a system which would fit to a standard set of downpipes or my X pipe and this is the result. All Stainless Steel with 4 into 1 merge collectors and a 'spike' at the merge to help gas flow, these headers are a tight fit for sure.

Fitted to the Ritech X pipe and with custom LH and EZK EPROMS (soon to be available) the system makes useful extra power and torque as measured on a rolling road by my own car which is a non ideal Automatic

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