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The existing clamp tends to ‘migrate’ up the splined driveshaft, putting a constant pressure on the flexplate which in turn pushes the crankshaft into the main thrust bearing. If the clamp is not released on a regular basis (once a year) then the thrust face disintegrates and the crankshaft starts to eat into the main bearing engine web until heat from friction seizes the engine. Dramatic! The Ritech Systems flexclamp sits on the outside of the existing clamp and mechanically holds it so it cannot migrate. The existing clamp then does not need to be checked and released very year. Peace of mind.


This product is intended to positively clamp the driveshaft to the existing clamp and should aid the prevention of the condition in which the shaft migrates back in the standard clamp and places constant forces on the flexplate and crankshaft thrust bearing. Such forces may have already damaged the engine in a way which would not be apparent unless the engine were to be stripped. It is advised that the flexplate tension be checked every year in any case.


Ritech Systems Ltd or any of our personnel shall not in any circumstances whatsoever be liable for any engine damage, personal injury or death caused by or arising out of the use of this flexplate clamp.