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Electrical Circuit


Established in 1992 by Richard Armstrong, Ritech Systems works across a diverse field of specialities including Control, Industrial Automation and Porsche Services.


Along with interactive manufacturing we can specify, design, build, and control machines on any scale and are happy to take on any of those skills individually or collectively. 


We have recently partnered with Pro-e-Con Hydraulics to offer the control aspect of vehicle levelling and we enjoy international renown for our Porsche services including our unique Flexclamp device, X-Pipes and HVAC repair capacity. We are proud to design and manufacture entirely in the UK


Extensive knowledge of the Porsche 928 including developing our own dry sump system to include in our 1979 racecar.

Ritech Systems has built an international reputation as a specialist in servicing Porsches with a specific focus on 928s. Ritech has also pioneered and engineered custom designed FLEXCLAMP over clamp , developed an X-PIPES crossover exhaust and can turn your stuffy overheated 928 cockpit into air-conditioned perfection.

See our dedicated Porsche section for more information.

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