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A/C repairs have become a prime source of work for Ritech systems and we have developed methods and equipment to overcome the rapid loss of parts for the original systems. Please click below for more information.



928s like to be used! They sulk when left dormant in a garage, or worse still, out on the road. Regular oil and filter changes are essential. It is recommended that the timing belt be changed every 40K miles or 4 years – if it does break valves will hit pistons with obvious consequences. Whilst Ritech Systems does not claim to be a full time 928 workshop we do undertake service and maintenance work when asked



Porsche’s 928 is surprisingly contemporary considering it was designed a quarter of a century ago. It was meant to be a successor to the venerable 911, but the 911 would not lie down and die so it became a stablemate, and in it’s final incarnation, the GTS, it was some stablemate - a 350BHP, 175mile an hour supercar.

The 928 was dropped in 1995, and one of the reasons for dwindling sales was its reputation for maintenance costs. There is no doubt that it is a complicated beast, with many systems being microchip controlled, which was cutting edge technology in 1979.


Porsche also pushed the boat out with mechanical complexity, and any components which are dedicated 928 and only available through Porsche are horrendously expensive.

Ritech Systems offers custom solutions to three of the most common problems: flex clamp, x-pipes and air conditioning.

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