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'X’ over pipes were discovered during the Winston cup race series. One of the cars seemed to be consistently faster than anything else out there, and it wasn’t until the car in question had a racing accident and turned over that the reason became obvious. ‘X‘ pipes!
We have been experimenting with forms of ‘X’ pipe for a while now with mixed success. Part of the problem is in the existing CATs. On these cars the cats are now at least 10 years old, and sometimes as old as seventeen and have done over 200,000 miles.
The ceramic core of the cat breaks up, and, along with exhaust by-products the cat becomes blinded and effectively chokes the engine - we saw a power drop of 60bhp on seriously blinded cats. Thats more than an old Mini developed in the first place!
"Following extensive development of the X pipe the final design includes expansion bullets.
The graph below shows 3 tests, same day, same conditions, back to back.
Graph 1 is the X pipe with bullets
Graph 2 is the original X pipes
Graph 3 is the standard car with 250,000km old catalytic converters.
The difference between the standard and bullet X is a staggering 75bhp
These original cats were probably the worst example of blocking, but typically an 18+ year old 928 with cats is dropping at least 12-15 bhp.
The new X pipes give an additional 15bhp (genuine dyno tested, not plucked from the air!) so the total improvement can be 30+bhp.
The X pipes really come alive at 4000 rpm and sound fantastic - not too loud but they give the car a hard edged note."