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Notes and information for those attending Trackday.

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First and foremost, a big thank you to all of you for committing time and money to make the day work at all. Many people doubted it would happen, and it is testament to the enthusiasm of the 928 fraternity that we can get together over 5 cars and hire a circuit for ourselves for a whole day. The 2005 trackday was such a success that we can guarantee a 928 only day this year
If you are not familiar with the location of Castle Combe just click here for a location map

"I started putting on trackdays back in 2005 and the the first one was an exclusively 928 affair. since then we have opened it up to other cars and have a rich selection from xotic Porsches, Audi R8, Lotii, TVR, Caterham, Radical, Spire and almost anything goes right down to a surprisingly quick Nissan Almeira bouht for £500 off ebay!

All we ask for is sensible driving.

SO far we have had trackdays a Castle Combe, Goodwood and Silverstone.

If you are interested contact richard@ritech-systems.com

Trackday Photos